Updating squidguard

Posted by / 22-Aug-2020 11:39

Updating squidguard

I only tried to reflect my situation where I had linux (and only linux), had no floppy, and still wanted to flash my bios, nevertheless.A lot of vendors ship compressed floppy images as exe file (how to extract bios upgrade from there if not by using dosemu).

;) I am not being picky about the correct words, I'm being picky about the things as they are.

Or maybe a bunch or people could post irrelevant comments that are amusing to smirk at.

Anonymous Cowards who blast this method should be shot.

Thanks Would anyone know what I should do about putting a BIOS update on a floppy that requires XP without using XP .

Its for a HP 751n I only have access to Linux boxes.

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