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Visit Stack Exchange I realize that many times when there is an issue with a game on Steam, it can be solved with "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". I tried running Darksiders and it gave me an error of "Missing Executable", so I figured the verify would easily catch that and install the missing files.

I was wrong, though, since the validation found no problems with the installation and the game continued to not launch from the same error.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem we will move on towards the solutions.

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) This happened when I was trying to make Portal 2 and Stanley pabs together and I deleted some files accidentally.

So I clicked the Verify thing and I could play Stanley pabs again!

I'm curious as to what exactly the verify option does.

The platform is used by almost all gamers and quite popular for its regional support and pricing.

It compares the game files you have on installed your computer with those of of the latest version on the steam servers.

If its different in any way it replaces or adds on any files.

When you encounter the error the most basic troubleshooting step is to try to restart the Steam client after completely closing it through the task manager.

This can help to reinitialize the application and might remove any bugs or glitches that arise due to the client not loading properly.

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Is there a way to make Origins recognize the game files in this situation? Choose Application Settings, then the Installs & Saves tab. Origin will also check this area for existing installs when it restarts, so if you point this install location to your game backup it should detect it when you restart.