White label dating blog

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White label dating blog

Reams of fake profiles and yet more reams of fake profiles. Planet Rock like you l thought l might find my own Pattie smith!!!! I joined planet rock dating, as I love the genre and wanted to find like minded women. The profiles are PAINFULLY fake, many with one photo, and generic messages sent to the user. I had a conversation, at length, with a woman who just wanted tips on how to start a band. I wondered why there were so many winks - now I know why - all messages are prechecked by the support team - anything even remotely even hinting at a little innuendo is blocked!

including profiles from other sites such as 'Po F', which made me suspicious.

Most have not signed in within 6 months so it is old data.

This is disappointing and I wonder if these people know that their data is being shared?

You'd think being named Planet rock dating and advertised on the Planet rock radio station that this might be worth a shot. I signed up for free and received numerous views and messages which I couldn't view without subscribing. I should have known to pay just to check a bunch of bogus messages not sent by the actual members, then to be told you have to pay for added services.

What a ripoff, I went for bbw dating and constantly got emails for people looking for folks wanting partners interested in paranormal activities.

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Read Full Review I originally joined as a basic, free member.

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  1. For street you need some more hunt instinct and in clubs you will definitely pay for drinks. I'm going through profiles and it feels like they have a lot of glamour photos. It is the normal sequence in Ukraine it is absurd to stay there and be in internet instead being out hooking up with women strolling on the streets.