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Who is erika badu dating

When the love is there [and] you really in the relationship you don’t care what nobody’s saying.

Her first child is Seven Sirius Benjamin who was born in 1997. Her second child is Puma Sabti Curry who was born in 2004. Peace You can find the song on Erykah's 2003 album World Wind Underground. The following is a list of notable people who were born, or who have lived a significant portion of their lives, in Dallas, Texas.You gotta be strong within your family home first with your relationship. If you decide you gon’ do an article and talk about love, cool.But overall I think it ain’t nothing to, you know, you just live for the public.Her uncle TBAAL founder Curtis King and godmother named Gwen Hargrove guided her to perform at the TBAAL and Dallas Theater Center.At the age of four, she developed a deep interest in singing and dancing.

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Common added that it was a smart idea, but revealed that a relationship can’t be dictated by what the public may or may not perceive.

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