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Inspector Brad added: "We had never seen anything like that before, it was chilling. "It basically detailed the thoughts and feelings of Mr Twitchell as he was committing the crime. "I think at one point he talks about how he laughed to himself as he was dissecting the body." After Gilles' police interview, which was "almost identical" to the description in SK Confessions, Twitchell finally confessed to his crimes.

These are unconscious ways we have of self-sabotaging relationships.

The cops sprayed Luminal on the crime scene and Inspector Brad Mandrusiak explained: "The interior was just blood soaked. I’m thinking this might be a murder." However, Twitchell's alibi was elaborate and almost convincing - as he claimed he was shooting a film about a serial killer, called House of Cards.

This was until police discovered a diary on his laptop, called SK Confessions.

I feel so good about helping put (him) behind bars." My Online Nightmare is on Channel 4 on Wednesday April 12, at 10pm.

And there you go back to the tissue box and Ben & Jerry’s.

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Gilles said: "I get shivers down my back thinking about it.

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